Artist's Statement

Since 2000, I have been doing only abstract paintings. Before that, I painted in both figurative and semi-abstract styles, and I've studied drawing and composition for a number of years. I've especially analyzed the compositions of masters such as Goya, to try to understand the organizational glue that holds the great paintings of the past together.
From 2004 to 2006, I worked on a long series exploring and reinterpreting Goya's black-and-white etchings, The Disasters of War, trying to duplicate their profound emotional impact by the use of color and composition alone, without their powerful narrative subject matter.

In 2007, I released all ties to figurative references and to other painters (at least consciously), and am working in pure color, movement, energy, and shape. I am sure that the impact of Goya's compositions remains with me, however, and I feel his compositional influence underlying even my most seemingly unstructured paintings.

Artist’s Biography

Known for his masterful drawings and his use of color, Paul Uyehara has been active in the Los Angeles art scene since the 1960s. He began studies at Chouinard Art School and Otis Art Institute. Most recently, he has been mentored by the well-known abstract painter Bonita Helmer. His works have been exhibited across the United States and in Europe. He married fellow artist, Elizabeth Maltbie Uyehara in 1975 and they enjoyed a long and devoted marriage filled with photography, sculpture, drawing and painting.

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